Standard tolerance hardened shaft

  • WS type (standard shaft)
  • WCS type (chromic plated shaft)
  • WAS type (stainless steel shaft)
  • Materials : KS : STB-2, JIS : SUJ-2
  • Rockwell HRC : 62±2 (USS440C : over HRC 58)
  • Tolerance : g6 (JIS)
  • Roughness : less than 1.5s (Rmax)
  • Hardened Zone 0.8 ~3.0mm
  • Out Diameter : 3~120 (SUJ-2) Out Diameter : 3~40 (SUS440C)
  • Strainghtness : less than 5µm per 100mm
  • Roundness : less than 3.0 µm (Rmax)
  • Cylindericity : less than 3.0 µm (Rmax)

Main Application
LM Hardened Sliding Shaft has a lot of applications together with or automatic moving facility such as industrial robot, automatic recorder, computer automatic precision printere, special pneumatic cylinder rod, automatic wooden molding machinem, and factory automatic machine. And it is also used for general industrial machine for its long life or precision usage because it previous usage because it provides rigidity as well as wear-resistance.